Buy Used, Rare and Out-of-Print Books

Sell Me Your Used Books/I Pay Cash for Used Books in the Denver Area and the Front Range:
I am always buying high-quality used, rare and out-of-print books in the metro Denver and Front Range areas of Colorado; and I make house calls. Whether you have just a handful of books or an entire houseful, I will come to your location. I will inspect your books; if I like what I see I will make an offer. If you accept, I will pack your books and haul them away. Here are a few guidelines:
  • I prefer hardcover books and seldom buy softcover or paperback books.
  • Condition is important...I am especially interested in clean, relatively undamaged books.
  • Genres: I am most interested in books in the following fields: Classic Fiction (think "Jane Eyre", "The Grapes of Wrath" or works by Ernest Hemingway), Modern Library editions, Everyman's Library editions, books published by the Limited Editions Club, Folio SocietyHeritage PressEaston Press and the Franklin Library. I also want books about Birds (bird art & photography, birding), Natural HistoryPoetry, Quality CookbooksHistory and Biography (especially if Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill are subjects).
  • I don't buy: Self-help books, "How-to" books, etc. Also, I am not interested in buying books from sellers who cannot convince me the books were legally acquired.
  • I pay cash and will write you a check on the spot.
So if you have books to sell, I would be happy to discuss them with you. Please call or text me, Eric, at (303) 912-4559 or email me at [email protected] If you've been asking yourself, "Where can I sell my books in Denver or the Front Range?", please give Bluebird Books a try. If your books are of interest to me, I am willing to drive some distance to buy them.